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Our Journey

The journey of Genrk is full of twists and turns. It all started with three engineering college friends who got aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur while pursuing their engineering course the third year. The story starts with Suraj Mishra a person who loves to solve problems (technical issues), he was tech-savvy and game freak, who use to play a lot of games on his laptop in the hostel all day every day.


But because of being fed up with not doing anything productive, his interest shifted towards business. He planned to start one product review website named ‘Buy Ideal Products’ where he thought of promoting affiliate products but building a website for him was a new thing. Luckily he got to know that one of his classmates Sandeep Singh was also doing interesting things online on his own.


Sandeep is a calm but ambitious person he uses to do blogging and writing blogs for others as a freelancer. When Suraj and Sandeep both get to know about each other’s work they planned to partner with each other, and both of them started working over ‘Buy Ideal Products’ together.


Both of them started earning some money through Amazon and Flipkart affiliate, but the problem was the product commission was too low, hence they thought of selling their own products and to make ‘Buy Ideal Products’ an e-commerce website.


Now in the scene comes Satyendra Kumar Singh, he is also a classmate of Suraj and Sandeep, At that time Satyendra uses to sell shoes by taking orders from friends & relatives, hostel mates and college mates (interesting right) he had good tie-ups with many wholesalers, he really got good sales skills. That time he was doing all of this under brand name Brand Hub.


Suraj & Sandeep though that it will be good if they collaborate with Satyendra, as Suraj and Satyendra were good friends and ex-roommates Satyendra said yes without any hesitation.  


These three friends started working together on ‘Buy Ideal Products’, but again one issue was coming, they were only able to sell products to their known ones. They were finding out the difficulty in promoting their business. To resolve this Suraj & Sandeep started understanding marketing. As both of them were from an electronics background, marketing was totally new for them. But as being a tech sway they planned to learn Digital Marketing to solve their own marketing challenge. They enrolled in online courses, done internships, and whatnot.


And now because of this new journey, their interest got shifted towards solving other business problems too, hence all the three planned to start a digital agency named ‘Digibuildout’.


And they started looking for new businesses that were facing challenges in promoting their business online. They had also added new members in the team named FAIZ, HITESH, APURV, Mo UMAR so that they can scale the work.


Meanwhile, Suraj & Sandeep were also working over ‘Digital Mishra’ and ‘Buildoutfate’ which were blogging websites. They had come up with too many brand names that people are getting confused about their business and they were also facing branding issues.

Suraj and Faiz planned of coming up with a new brand name.

They searched online for too many days, understanding brand name concepts and finding the perfect name for their business. But the issue was 99.9% of dictionary words were already having a dot com domain registered on them and also most of the names that had some meaning are registered in MCA. 


They were also keeping one perspective in mind that they want to come up with a name that doesn’t restrict their niche. Hence they come up with a made-up name named ‘Genrk’.


The name ‘Genrk’ had does not have any meaning it does sound like ‘Generic’ though. This name is short, had all the domain extensions available, is not registered in MCA, and also doesn’t stitch with any niche, this name can be added with and word in the prefix and still sounds great.


‘Genrk’ name was perfect for them Suraj and Faiz made it final and registered a dot com domain over it. And transform all their brand names under the subsidiary of ‘Genrk’, as you know like ‘Digibuildout’ become ‘Genrk Business Solution’ a digital agency, ‘Digital Mishra’ become ‘Genrk Techken’ a technical blogging website, ‘Buy ideal Products’ become ‘Genrk Deals’ a product review website (still in launching period) and ‘Buildoutfate’ to ‘Genrk Kenbook’ another blogging website (still in launching period).


This journey was full of twists and turns and a lot of hits and trials, a lot of mistakes, and correction.

Now the mission of ‘Genrk’ is to redefine business through providing awesome digital services,  and helping out people getting online by sharing our knowledge.


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Suraj Mishra the best digital marketer, brand consultant, blogger

Suraj Mishra

Founder of Genrk

Sandeep Singh - Operations Head at Genrk Business Solutions

Sandeep Singh


Satyendra Kumar Singh - Busienss Head at Genrk Business Solutions

Satyendra Singh


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