Did Advancement of technology is Vanishing the existence Books

Did Advancement Of Technology Is Vanishing The Existence Books
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Yesterday, I went to a Bookstore in search of a Book. When I asked the Bookkeeper for a Book that I wanted he told me the Book I looking for is not available in his bookstore. He gives a solution and said its better I would look at the Kindle store I asked what is Kindle. He told me it is an Online E-Books Service that has a softcopy of Books which is cheaper than a Hardcopy.

When I walked out of the store, and think about how the world is changing from time to time. Once upon a time when people were curious about Books when they came up to store and how they rush towards it. During that time, Bibliophiles wait months for a specific Book, that time Bookstores were of crowd and Booklovers. But today’s picture is different modern age bibliophiles and Book readers do not make any effort to visit the Bookstore.

In the modern age, we have developed technically and with the help of technology, we reduce our efforts. Today we have different types of books some of them which are mostly known as E-Books. Today E-Books or Kindle versions are available people didn’t show interest in Handbooks. E-Books and Handbooks have Advantage and Disadvantage :

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eBooks Advantage-

The Rise of E-Books may help us combating Environmental malfunctions because most use of  E-Books we save our forests from vanishing. It also consumes fewer storage problems and easily accesses any part of the world and it is cheaper than a Hardcopies.

eBooks Disadvantage-

And the Decline of Hardcopies and the use of Phone and Internet affecting our Health and Mind. More use of E-Books may affect our thinking and memory it also harmful for children because it affects Eyesight. And some of the studies also found more use Phones may affect our Infertility and have chances to cause Brain tumors.


HandBooks Advantage-

Some of the greatest Writers said: “Fragrance of the pages gives the feeling of beloved”. The Handbooks give a sense of feeling to the reader when he/she start riffle the pages it feels taking a deep drive into words. Well, it is only an experience and feeling of Handbooks and the Advantages of HardBook is also enhance the creativity and thinking of a writer and there is no Health effect of using Handbooks.

HandBooks Disadvantage-

There is an effect on Environmental Problems the more used Handbooks consume more paper and more paper means cutting of trees. And vandalizing forests and it may consume more storage or space in shops and homes if you have a bundle of Books it is very hard to take a different part of the world.

Books are more loyal than friends

Most of us heard the phrase “Books are human best friends” well their truth in it. If you take E-Books or Hard Books Books never betrayed human beings the advancement of evolution in the literary world one thing that is invariable is adhesion towards the human being. There is no limitation for making friends in life is determined by human how they choose their friends emotionally and wisely.

Similarly, Books are known as our best friends. Like ordinary friend books also teaches us the distinctive things which we gain from them. Books teach about the multiplicity of human nature it also enlightens us about our civilization and the existence of human life on earth. Directly, Books are the guide that helps us to provide an alternative route for our achievement.


Distinguish between Compadre of Humans and Books

Humans- An ordinary compadre has human nature which modifies from time to time it’s callous to hold faith in human compadre. For humans, emotions and feelings is taking change from time to time and it’s callous to rectify something which is unpleasant. Humans have a nature to argue and a stubborn psyche which makes them hard to listen, somebody.

Books- When it comes to the comparison of Books it has a complex relationship. Well, In the case of books, it never betrayed anyone and it is a lifetime policy but it has a robotic bond. In the case of humans, they can understand emotions and feelings but books can’t it’s true they can never argue like humans, therefore, they have a robotic relationship.

Today it becomes a tragedy for books no one has a desire to read. Preferment of technology the age of books is dawing today no one show interest in a book. Everyone gets information with the help of the internet. We need to realize that books are important as their other compadre. Declining of books it’s very unprecedented for us to move forward in human evolution.

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