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Why Email Marketing for your Business?

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Boost sales

Sales oriented Email Marketing is the best way to boost your revenue. Also with the right email marketing tactics like that of ours, you can generate quality leads and which can be converted into sales through nurturing leads. Also, Many marketers had reported 760% increase in revenue through Email Marketing only.

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Stronger customer relationships & Brand Recognition

Through emails you can send targeted and personalized content and thus can create a personal touch with your customers or prospects, Hence they're more likely to become loyal to your brand. This in return builds credibility, builds excitement and you have the chance of collecting valuable feedback and surveys.

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Having an email campaign running is not too costly. It is the easiest marketing tactic as compared to others, 40% of B2B marketers believe email newsletters as the best content marketing tactic. You have full control over the campaign, hence you can optimize your time and budget accordingly and unlike social media platforms here you own the customer’s data also.

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Increased website traffic

Want’s to improve your SEO and to stay top-of-mind of your prospects or customers mind, Email Marketing is best for all these. As it is not device-based and looks professional thus people are more likely to get into your funnel. Here you got the matrix and analytics that helps you to grow your audience and website traffic.

How Genrk Business Solutions (email marketing agency) can help you with bulk email service and boosting your ROI?

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Free Consultation

We perceive our customers as a business partners. We start any project first with consulting our clients, we will let you know how you can get the best out of Email Marketing and how to get started with it. We will help you to generate quality leads and sales through our email marketing tactics.

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Best Tools

We believe in the experiments and this proves to provide our clients to get more leads. We always look for the best tools to be utilized for building email campaigns. Whether you want to utilize Gmail or your official mail doesn’t matter, we provide the best probability of getting your mails into inbox.

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Best Template Design

We build the best email templates which actually converts. We keep the balance between looks and logic for your email template. We got best out of the box designers for this purpose only.

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Professional Copywriting

We had dedicated professional copywriters to write sales-oriented copy for your email campaign, which in return increases your chances of getting leads and conversions

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We have expertise in setting up all type of email campaign for you, whether you want to share daily blog updates or wants a high converting sales funnel, we can help you with all of these.

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Full Transparency and Control

We don’t believe in hiding anything, if anyone is spending an amount then he/she got the right to have the full clarity over it. Hence we had structured our process in such a way that you are in full control of each and every aspect of your email campaign.

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We understand that it’s very important for to know how your campaigns are working so that you can plan your next step. Hence we provide regular campaigns report with deep analytics, through which we both can plan for further campaign optimization.

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No Communication Gap

Our team is available with you for the whole time of this process and will let you know each and every progress of the campaign.

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Affordable Pricing

We understand if you are fresh starting out online, it’s difficult to understand whether the money is invested on the right platform or not, hence we structured our pricing plans in such a way that it will not break your bank if you are just starting out.

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