3 Billion people are there on Social Media and 43% of online customers are Social Media fans and Followers.

It’s the golden era to Leverage your Business on Social Media thorough Advertising, and our social media marketing agency can help you with it.

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How Social Media Marketing Services will help you to Generate leads and Conversions?

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Better Targeting

As social media platforms consists of 3 billion people, here you will find all types of audience. Here you can reach all ages and demographics with very specific targeted advertising. And not just this you can also retarget your audience and this boots brand loyalty.

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Yes, social media advertising is the cheapest paid advertising one can have, due to its low cost per click (CPC) and high click-through rate and engagement rates. Also, social media users are active hence you got the high probability of getting recognized by your audience.

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Best Visual Advertisement

Social media is best to showcase your product or service through great visuals. Unline other marketing channels here you have dynamic content and multiple ads type such as carousel ads, video ads, stories, gif, slide show ads, etc all this contributes to Generate leads Driving high Conversions.

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Reporting and Analytics

Here we have an easy monitoring system that helps to understand that what strategies are relevant to your brand and campaigning. We can gather data from the audience to improve our strategy and targeting, and not just that we can do A/B testing that helps to understand what works and whatnot.

Why Genrk Business Solutions for Social Media Marketing Services?

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Free Consultation

We perceive our customers as a business partners. We start any project first with client consultation, we will let you know how you can get the best out of your social media advertising and how to get started with it. We will help you to generate quality leads and sales through our social media marketing.

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Out of the Boxing Team

With our out of the box team, you will get the best outcome. Our skilled team knows the market trends and are open to ideas and experiments, all this proves to provide the best social media marketing ever possible.

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Full Transparency and Control

We don’t believe in hiding anything, if anyone is spending an amount then he/she got the right to have the full clarity over it. Hence we had structured our process in such a way that you are in full control of each and every aspect of your social media marketing.

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No Communication Gap

Our team will be available for you the whole time and will let you know each and every progress of the social media marketing campaigns and their results.

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Monthly Report

We provide a regular monthly report of how your social media campaigns are doing, what we had achieved and what will be our next step through the last learnings.

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Affordable Pricing

We understand if you are fresh starting out online, it’s difficult to understand whether the money is invested on the right platform or not, hence we structured our pricing plans in such a way that it will not break your bank if you are just starting out.

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