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Why Influencer Marketing Is Best For You?

Influencer Marketing is nothing but the way of exposing the brand in front of the wide audience associated with an Influencer or a celebrity.

Mechanism of Influence Marketing is functionalized in such a way that it gives extreme and optimized awareness of the brand. 

The numbers of engagement are not in a few hundred but their calculations are beyond any traditional marketing.

So you might be wondering what you can expect from fully strategized marketing, especially from Influencer Marketing. 

Suppose you have approached Influencers with 3 million followers and you have caught a million views on your sponsored content than you can expect a good amount of engagement on your business with around 4%-15 % of conversion rate.

Which means with one million views you can have from 40k to 150k number of sale within just a week or the time a video take to reach one million views and generally takes of time of a week.