10 Web Development Trends That You Can’t Skip Reading

web development trends
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In this growing stage of technology, the world seems to be only driven by artificial intelligence. This rapid growth needs to be at peace with the customers.

The internet seems to rule everybody’s life. Without it, we feel a sense of void. The digital experience created with the help of the internet seems to be outstanding.

As days pass, the race seems to become challenging. To be updated, one must know all the development trends.

The list given below states some web development trends that should be known.


1) Artificial Intelligence AI

Just like food, we cannot live without AI. It captures our entire system by becoming the new normal. Many companies out there are looking for such fast technology. To process their data and give valid and specific results to the audience.

AI gathers all types of information. It stores the user’s search engines and various requirements. After keeping them, it releases guidance.

The website has mainly set its route by using AI. With time there is a 100 per cent sure statement that AI will soar higher.


2) The Internet Of Things

The most modern web development of the current time. IOT of the internet of things. It includes sensors joined with different devices, which exercise the records accumulated from the sensors.

IoT is always under a consistent boom. This superiority is for the excessive stage of records-associated processes, along with the correct results and the advent of high-powered UI incidents. The upcoming devices are going to be full of IoT devices.


3) AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) 

The main motive of it was to create accelerated pages for mobile devices. 

The fast-moving pages of mobile devices are for voluminous traffic such as websites. Pages of AMP render to work nicely on search results and websites etc.

Google and Twitter have volunteered to put up the AMP project. It is a personalized shelf for creating websites, web pages, and also HTML.


4) PWA (Progressive Web Applications ) 

Progressive Web Applications are holding the upper hand in businesses. They are setting large tables of services, like push notification, and work without using the net. It is an easy task to download PWD.

They make available native apps, such as easy reciprocation and accelerated loading.

Certain well-known areas, such as uber Forbes, connect faster to their customers. The users now spend more time on progressive Web applications than other pages.

In the mere future, this is going to raise a toast.


5) Dark Or Light Mode UX

Another fashion to look for is dark or light mode UX.

Dark mode has been brought into focus on some websites. Many web websites provide an easy toggle button, whereas some customers will get to the setting portion.

The primary reason for raising this feature is to save OLED and AMOLED. This actually will protect the user’s eyes from strain. The dark mode makes it better for users to see. The future will accept this model as a means to look attractive.


6) Voice Search

Voice search has gained popularity since it was born. Along with the IoT devices, a wide range of people use Voice Search to communicate.

The most famous examples are seen in Alexa, Apple Siri, Google assistant. These work with the help of voice search for the customer’s benefit. If smartly resets their website to voice search, some companies can get 30% digital revenue.


7) SPW( Single page Website) 

The concept of a Single Page Website is wholly focused on providing the end-users with the appropriate search. It does not bring extra unrequired pages.

Unlike Multi-page sites, it only provides the required stuff. The customer’s attention stays focused that way.

They can be easily worked out by mobile devices.

For one to work with these SPW, it’s a win-win for the users and the businesses. If every agency hires Incrementors for web services


8) Chatbots

They are built as a medium among people, serving the required details.

The main reason for it being popular is it sees the problem-solving process. It reduces the extra cost that would happen for hiring a specialist. This will be a crucial part of web development in the surviving years.


9) Motion UI

It takes into account the animation websites. The graphics and animations are essential for websites. And now, the Motion UI seems to be a necessary part of it.

On Purchasing Motion UI technology, the user arrangement is going to improve. 


10) Single Page application ( SPA) 

A type of application in the browser. It does not utilize much time on the browser.

The main strength of Single page applications is that they do not wait for a web page to reload. They also provide offline usage, easy rectification, etc.

Some major companies like Uber and Facebook have started using this. It is time to believe that SPA has a consistent future ahead.



The need for this techno web development will increase due to the pandemic. Companies are happier using these trends. They can provide a better user experience and engagement. 

This, in turn, helps the customer’s needs and business to flourish hand in hand. For which we believe that Incrementors give the best solutions to their customers


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