What is Influencer Marketing? How is it Redefining Marketing?

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Why Influencer Marketing is the First Choice of Brands?

Hey, whenever we think of promoting our business online or reaching a wider audience through the digital marketing, the first thing which comes into our minds is ads. But actually is not as effective as influencer marketing.

Surely the advertisements do their inherited work, what they have been strategies for, like grabbing the new mails, getting leads sometimes, and shopping ads.

They do their job perfectly there is no doubt about it, but still, the most important part of promoting your business online through the internet is adapting the behavior of the audience present on it.

Let me make you more clear about this, see influencer marketing is the first choice of most of the brands these days, because of the impact and the short-term sales with long-term branding.

On the other hand, all the different modes or we can say the vehicles of internet marketing, are a bit time taking and have very high levels of competition.

To promote your business online you have to follow the people, the audience, how they are interacting with the internet about their interest, which platform they are using, what content and essay they are writing. This essay help you to understand their mentality.

Like nowadays people are present on the OTT platform and other platforms like YouTube etc. That is why most of the brands are investing in these platforms in terms of reaching and getting more no consideration and conversion of their products and services.

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But how can we best utilize these platforms to promote a business?

The answer is influencer marketing, now you must be wondering why? Because See what every company or brand expects from every marketing campaign and promotions they do is long term benefit with lesser investment.

Influencer marketing best suits this thought. As whenever a brand approaches any influencer, then he always intended to find the influencer who has deep connections and influence on his/her audience. This is the only requirement of an ideal influencer marketing strategy or an influencer marketing campaign.


How does influencer marketing work?


1) Setting-up of the influencer marketing campaign

This is a very interesting question to be answered, as the nuances of the influencers are completely revolutionary and extremely effective. The brand collaborations happen so frequently which you at eve imagine in conventional marketing.

The major thing that should be on your checklist is your influencer’s penetration within the audience like Gaurav Taneja has. He is the most successful vlog. With his trust amongst the audience, he just hit 1 lakh subs in 1 hour on his new channel and 850k subscribers in 2 days.

and now just imagine that much influential channel promotes your product then how much you will increase in the sale of your product. So that is the reason you have to be very wise enough and attentive while choosing the right influencer for you.


2) Why influencer marketing is effective compared to other modes of digital marketing?

Influencer Marketing is an extremely revolutionary and result-driven marketing method and that is why it is also demanding. In terms of influence, it is highly demanding because. As that is the only reason it is a very effective and most demanded mode of marketing. Nowadays 7 of 10 businesses want influencer marketing.

The most accessible mode of marketing for a brand to promote their product or services is approaching these influencers, that is what also makes these methods more popular. This also creates impact and penetrates the market with greater influence.

The second thing which makes influencer marketing cost-effective is that the content which he created or any influencer creates for brand integration mostly stays on the internet for a lifetime in most cases.

Like especially in youtube and  Instagram feed post, but the features like stories and  status are some of the things which makes some other kinda impact for a  short period of time.


How can you work with influencers to promote your Business & Startups?

To promote your business through influencer marketing you need the best company that can sort it out for you all the hustle for you. There are a few steps with which the influencer marketing campaign propagates.

First, the brand usually consults the marketing strategy with the PR or digital consulting company, about what result they want from the campaign like sales branding website signups purchase registration, or anything else.

Which is further the consulting company considers while designing the campaign. The next thing the best influencer is which is shortlisted which can promote the business better and which influencer has the most relative content to the business.

Then after that, all the terms and conditions get finalized between the company and the influencer to execute the campaign with creativity to increase the engagement of the campaign.

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